Night (and Afternoon) Against Procrastination

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, the CLC Writing Center hosted a successful write-in event to help students (and CLC faculty and staff) fight procrastination.

Three separate write-in events were scheduled–one on each campus and writers had the opportunity to work for anywhere from two to four hours. Snacks were provided and door prizes were awarded.

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Meet the New Peer Writing Tutors – Part 1

Back in June, we interviewed over 30 students for our Peer Writing Tutor Program. Though our Fall 2022 cohort is smaller than usual, our staff of ten new writing tutors is already mighty. They have been working in the Writing Center since August while also taking English 260 (Intro to Writing Center Theory & Practice), our tutor development course.

Please meet four of our new tutors as well as our the new Tutoring Coordinator for the Writing Center.

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CLC Writing Center Celebrates International Writing Centers Week 2022

Created in 2006 by the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA), International Writing Centers Week focuses on promoting and celebrating writing centers and writing center work in schools and communities across the United States and internationally. 

CLC has been celebrating International Writing Centers Week every year since 2009 and we have some exciting events planned for 2022. We hope you will join us.

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Night Against Procrastination Virtual Write-In

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

Got Looming Deadlines?
We can help!

Got essays needing revision? Are you trying to finish your final research project in any CLC class? Have a writing task you just can’t seem to complete?

Don’t Go It Alone!

CLC’s Writing Center is once again sponsoring
a two-night
Night Against Procrastination Virtual Write-In.

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Saying Farewell to Kim Voss, “Writing Center Junkie”

By Dr. Jenny Staben, Faculty Coordinator, CLC Writing Center

I procrastinated writing this for as long as I could because putting these words on paper makes it real.  After 21 years, Kim Voss will be leaving CLC and the writing center, and it’s hard for me to imagine.  The fabric of my own 21-year history with CLC and the CLC Writing Center has always had Kim woven into it. 

Kim and I at Kim’s CLC graduation (2003)
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Meet the New Peer Writing Tutors (2021-2022)

After a hiatus last year due to Covid uncertainty, the CLC Writing Center’s Peer Writing Tutor Program resumed this fall. In June, we interviewed over 30 students for 12 positions and the outstanding applicant pool made our decisions difficult. However, please meet the 12 students we chose. They are already working in the writing center this semester while taking our tutor development course, English 260 (Intro to Writing Center Theory & Practice).

Ashley B

Teacher(s) Who Recommended You:  Rin Martens & Elizabeth Aiossa
Major or Career Focus:   Biology
How long have you been at CLC?  I have been at CLC for a year.
What is one strategy you use to get over writer’s block?  One strategy I use to get over writer’s block is to find a song that I feel would inspire me during the writing process, something that matches the tone or the mood of what I’m writing, and listen to that song on repeat while I write.
Handwrite first drafts of type them?  I prefer to type drafts. For me, it’s easier to rearrange my thoughts, words and phrases if I type them.
What food can you not stop eating?  I have a bit of a sweet tooth at times, and I cannot stop eating a candy called Ptasie Mleczko. They are little whipped marshmallows coated in chocolate, and they’re AMAZING!
Recommend a book, graphic novel, movie or TV series that you have enjoyed recently:   I would recommend the movie Cruella! Although it’s fairly dark for Disney, I enjoyed it.
If your life had a theme song right now, what would it be?  If my life had a theme song right now, it would be “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.
What is one surprising thing we should know about you?  One surprising thing to know about me is that I’m a returning student! I came back to pursue a new career.

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Retirement Celebrations for Kim Voss

Kim (right) with her scholarly idol, Deborah Brandt (left)

After over 20 years spent in the CLC Writing Center, Kim Voss has decided to retire and take on new adventures–both at home and on the road. The CLC Writing Center will be holding both an in-person as well as virtual retirement celebration to honor Kim on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. We invite all current CLC staff as well as any former CLC Writing Center tutors to join us.

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