Mental Health Awareness in the Writing Center

by Sarah Emmerson

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people”

 -Virginia Woolf

When I started my first semester at CLC, I was both excited and terrified of what it would be like. Before attending CLC, I visited the college to take a tour and see if it was the best fit.  I fell in love with the college the moment I stepped in it; it was like eating a food you’re skeptical about but then it ends up being your favorite.  However, seeing it and living it were two different experiences.

When I started classes, everything changed because it was harder than I expected with the work load and taking classes that weren’t right for me. I jumped in too quickly with difficult classes such as marketing and a higher-level math. Plus, my struggle with depression and anxiety that had started in middle school followed me into my college education, and I ended up dropping out after my first semester.

A year and a half later I returned, and I had a new perspective on what I wanted as far as goals for college. One of them was getting help on what I struggled with the most, which was geometry. I didn’t know much about the tutoring center until I visited the math center for my geometry class. Continue reading “Mental Health Awareness in the Writing Center”