DHY Sign 2It’s become a rite of passage each April: final year students in CLC’s dental hygiene program descend on the Lakeshore Tutoring Center, drafts of resumes and cover letters in hand. Students know that, in a competitive job market, well-crafted written submissions to prospective employers can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Resumes and cover letters that sparkle reflect both the quality of instruction in the college’s dental hygiene program and the caliber of our graduates. Program faculty endorse tutoring services at Lakeshore and actively encourage students to work with tutors on all of their major writing assignments. Lakeshore staff are delighted and honored to be part of that collaboration.

Brent and Student
Tania Montes, a first-year student in CLC’s dental hygiene program, reviews her essay on nutritional counseling with writing tutor Brent Sekularac.

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