Sponsored by the CLC Writing Center, the Night against Procrastination Write In was a three-night event (one night at each campus) to help students and others in the CLC community with important writing projects due in the final weeks of the semester.  We provided space for writers to work, coffee, snacks, and helpful writing tutors.  For every hour a writer worked, they were eligible for door prizes and tickets to our end-of-night raffle.

Total Number of Writers Participating – 49

Total Hours Spent Writing – 101

Grand Prize Raffle Winner:  Miguel Fabian-Sauceda

Night Against Procrastination – Southlake Campus

Writers Participating – Southlake:     3             Total Hours Writing – Southlake:       10.5

Southlake Raffle Winner:  Michelle Zaslavskaya

Southlake Door Prize Winners: Gerell Allen, Kevin Diaz, & Michelle Zaslavskaya


Night Against Procrastination – Grayslake Campus

Writers Participating – Grayslake:    36            Total Hours Writing – Grayslake:       74

Grayslake Raffle Winner:  Christina Branaman

Grayslake Door Prize Winners:  Ziny Malpica, Markayla Moore, Violeta Cardenas, & Grace Riley


Night Against Procrastination – Lakeshore Campus

Writers Participating – Lakeshore:     10             Total Hours Writing – Lakeshore:       17

Lakeshore Raffle Winner:  Skyler Saltzman

Door Prize Winners – Lakeshore:  Jessica Sanchez & Megan Fahey



Mark your calendars.  The Spring 2020 Night(s) Against Procrastination will be April 28 – April 30, 2020.






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