The CLC Writing Center hosted another successful Night Against Procrastination Virtual Write-In on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 from 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

We had thirty-three (33) writers participate in the event and twenty-nine (29) of them were student writers. Four (4) faculty members also joined us to get work done.

The writer who worked the longest worked for 233 minutes (almost 4 hours) and the writer who spent the least time writing was present for 23 minutes (just long enough to talk with a writing tutor).

Here’s some more stats from our event:

We gave out door prizes to the following student writers:
Maija H
Juan S
Mary Z
Christine N

For every hour a student worked, they got entered into our Grand Prize raffle.
The winner of our raffle was
Gabriela G
who spent almost 3 hours getting writing done!

Thanks to the Writing Tutors who helped make this event a success:
Erica M, Martha M, Tatiana K, Megan S, Sadye R, Trinity L, and (tutor alum) Jess C!

Thanks also to the faculty who encouraged their students to attend!

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