Here are some responses to that question from our current staff.

Greta S. started as a writing tutor in 2016 and has continued to work in the writing center since she graduated from CLC. She plans to start at Lake Forest College this fall.

Alyssa P just finished her first year as a writing tutor. She is a CLC Honors Scholar and the writing center’s resident TikTok expert.

Johnny B started as a peer tutor in 2019, when he was a CLC student. Since joining the writing center team, he has graduated from CLC, transferred to Lake Forest College, and just spent his spring semester in Scotland.

Sarah S. has been a writing tutor since 2019 and has gone from CLC student to CLC graduate.

Heather W. started her writing center journey as an undergraduate at Northwestern University where she worked as a peer writing tutor. Now she is part of the CLC Writing Center team.

Colette R started at the CLC Writing Center back in 2005 as a CLC student. She transferred to Columbia College-Chicago to study broadcast journalism but came back to work in the writing center for a year after she graduated. Now, she is back working in the CLC Writing Center both as a writing tutor and a tutor for English Language Instruction (ELI) courses. In addition, she is working on her MA in TESOL at Northeastern Illinois University.

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